MMP Inhibitory Activity

Biolane is the only green lipped mussel product to contain MMP inhibitory activity. MMPs are a family of enzymes necessary for normal tissue remodelling, but in a diseased state and during the ageing process increased MMP activity results in tissue and cartilage destruction.

Excess Matrix Metalloprotease (MMP) enzyme activity directly contributes to degenerative joint disease in humans and animals. MMP activity is also associated with arthritis, cardiovascular disease, and tumour progression.

Research has shown Biolane inhibits MMP activity in vitro. The special MMP properties of Biolane mean that this natural marine product is not just valuable for helping to relieve the inflammatory forms of joint diseases, but is able to do this throughout the whole age range.

Biolane MMP enzyme activities in vitro:
• MMP 1 or Interstitial Collagenase – cleaves and degrades collagens, types I, II and III

MMP 3 or Stromelysin – digests proteoglycan, fibronectin, collagen types III, IV, IX
• MMP 8 or Collagenase 2 – cleaves triple-helical collagen types I, II, and III
• MMP 9 or Collagenase 4 – digests decorin, elastin, fibrillin, laminin and collagens
• MMP 13 or Collagenase 3 – degrades extracellular matrix found in skeletal tissues