Extraction Technologies

Early research on green-lipped mussels shows that simply drying the mussels does not produce active products. This led to the unique production process that defines the Biolane quality. Biolane GLME goes through a freeze-drying process, which ensures the retention of nutrients found in the native green-lipped mussel.

Lifecycle of Biolane GLME


Fresh mussels are harvested in the pristine New Zealand waters and shipped to the factory.


Live mussels are crushed and placed into a centrifuge, separating meat from shell.


Mussel extract is thinly placed onto trays then freeze dried at -20°


The freeze dried mussel extract is milled into a fine powder then sieved to ensure quality.

The mussels reach peak condition at around 18 months of age. They are then harvested and shipped in refrigerated trucks to the factory in Christchurch. This multimillion-dollar facility is constructed to pharmaceutical industry standards. In other words, it has New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture, US FDA and EU registration.

On arrival, the mussels are transferred to cool storage and processed through the extraction process. After that, the liquid extract is immediately transferred to trays and snap frozen. This is in preparation for freeze drying in -controlled, high-capacity machinery. Finally, the dry extract is milled to produce a fine powder.

This entirely in-house process ensures total control over product quality. It is one of the reasons Biolane GLME continues to change the lives of many around the world.

Aroma Harvesting Green-Lipped Mussels in the Marlborough Sounds