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Biolane beneficial for relieving symptoms of non-arthritic sporting and athletic injuries.

The active properties of Biolane have been shown to be beneficial for relieving the symptoms of non-arthritic sporting and athletic injuries. Such injuries are common, particularly in contact sports such as basketball, rugby, and football.


Biolane is Effective for Osteoarthritis of the Knee

One of the most common presentations of osteoarthritis is in the knee joint also known as gonarthritis. The knee joint takes a lot of stress. Obesity and excessive weight on the knee joints is a common cause of osteoarthritis of the knee…


Biolane Green Lipped Mussel Extract may slow down the degenerative effects of Osteoarthritis and ageing in joint tissues.

The proportion of the population aged 60 or over has increased significantly over the last decades and will continue to do so. The World Health Organization estimates that globally 24% of adults over 65yr suffer from pain and disability associated with Osteoarthritis.