Benefits of Biolane


The big adavnate of Biolane is it’s natural ability to reduce pain and symptoms related to joint pain. Biolane is a green lipped mussel extract, derived 100% from the NZ mussel species, Perna Canaliculus. 

In addition to the natural benefits, Biolane GLME has been tested by the international tests for toxicity and teratogenicity, which ensures it is 100% safe for consumers to take on a day-to-day basis. 


Biolane is created using a unique cold-extraction process that no other similar mollusc species offers. It contains various active ingredients that work together to fight agaisnt inflammation and pain. 

The key active ingredients that help to get the sought after pain relief that Biolane provides are glycogen, PUFA’s, Glycosaminoglycans, Lipids, Minerals and Vitamins.


Biolane has been studied in numerous clinical trials in patients with arthritis and animals with degenerative joint disease. It has been found that this green-lipped mussel extract provides relief from the symptoms of arthritis for patients who suffer this painful and debilitating disease. 

Clinical studies have indicated a success rate of at least 84% in osteo- arthiritis patients and 68% in rheumatoid arthiritis patients.Check out some of the clinical studies here.


Biolane is extremely safe for your digestive system. Research shows no serious adverse side-effects. In fact, Biolane may be helpful in protecting the stomach from the harmful effects of anti-inflammatory drugs that are used to fight arthritis.

Compared to Pain-killers (NSAID’s), Biolane does not cause ulceration or renal dysfunction. It also has no adverse influence on platelets or hypertension. 

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